Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a catalog?
We do not have a catalog, but we have a price list for each specific model. Because we are continually adding to our collection of patterns, a catalogue would not be practical.

What type of wood do you use?
We use furniture grade kiln dried White Ash. While Chevrolet used different varieties based on availability, the better marques used only White Ash. White Ash has a superior tensile strength to weight ratio and machines well.

Do I have to buy a complete kit, or can I buy individual parts?
We sell individual parts as well as complete kits.

Are the parts accurate, and will they fit into my vehicle?
We take great pride in our accuracy, and the parts are guaranteed to fit within reason. Tolerances in the old Chevrolets are not up to today's standards. There can even be variances between two identical models. Most of our clients find that their new parts install with a minimum of fuss, but occasionally minor adjustments need to be made, due to the variances mentioned.

Do I need special woodworking skills to install wood parts?
No, we do the woodworking for you.

Are the holes predrilled?
Most holes are predrilled. Because of variances in individual vehicles, certain holes should be drilled by the person installing the parts.

How do I correctly identify what model Chevrolet I have?
On automobiles, there is an aluminum tag on the firewall with several numbers on it. The number we need is shown on the tag as a "Job Number" or a "Style Number." On trucks, the model year is usually all we need to know.

Do you sell hardware?
We don't sell hardware at this time. Currently we are focusing on what we do best -- making high quality, reproduction wood parts.

Will my parts be painted when I receive them?
We ship unpainted/unvarnished parts.

Do you install wood kits?
We don't install wood kits because we want to concentrate on our specialty, manufacturing the highest quality wood parts possible.

Once I have ordered, how long will it be before I receive my parts?
The length of time it takes to receive your parts will depend on a number of conditions, including whether or not your part is in stock and where we are in the production schedule. We encourage our customers to order with a generous lead-time.

How will I indentify the parts once I received them?
All parts arrive clearly labeled.

How do I place an order?
We require a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the cost of the parts to secure your place on our customer list. We also need a purchase order or letter with the following information: Your name, telephone number, e-mail address if available, shipping address, model of vehicle (style or job number if available) and parts ordered.

How do you ship the orders?
We ship UPS ground service. Air-freight is available with a surcharge.

Do you take credit cards?
To keep our prices as low as possible, we do not accept credit cards; however, we accept bank drafts, money orders, and personal checks. Personal checks take 10 days to clear before shipping.